Motorcycle Accident Attorneys – We Know, We Ride, We Can Help.

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys – We Know, We Ride, We Can Help.

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Motorcycle Accident Attorneys – We Know, We Ride, We Can Help.

If a routine motorcycle ride has resulted in serious injuries, the experienced area motorcycle accident lawyers at our Law Firm can help. Contact us today to discuss your case and needs in a free initial consultation.

We Don’t Just Know the Law – We Know the Road

In order to successfully handle claims related to motorcycle accidents, an attorney needs to have specific experience with the rules of the road as well as an understanding of the unique issues that come with being a motorcyclist. At our personal injury Law Firm, we all ride. Even more importantly, we have decades of experience working hard for motorcyclists who the conduct of others has hurt. The safety of motorcyclists is important to us personally as well as professionally. We know that by making negligent drivers accountable for their actions we can increase safety for everyone on the road.

We know what happens when your bike is forced to swerve or when it slides. Our San Francisco motorcycle accident attorneys understand the difference between low siding and high siding. We know that lane sharing is legal, and we protect your rights to ride. We are well-prepared to present compelling and convincing evidence in support of your serious injury or wrongful death claim. A personal injury lawyer with real-life experience can understand your claim and help you obtain fair compensation for your serious injuries, including:

Head and Brain Injury
Spinal cord injury
Facial injuries
Broken hand or broken shoulder
Burn injuries
Leg or knee injury
Wrongful death

For a car driver, a collision with a motorcycle may result in vehicle damage and no personal injuries. In contrast, even if properly equipped with a helmet and other protective gear, the motorcyclist will likely suffer serious injuries or even wrongful death.

Our motorcycle accident attorneys proudly sponsor racing and are actively involved in all aspects of riding. We also sponsor rides in the area. You might find our attorneys or staff members in the office, in court, or out at a local track day. One senior paralegal is an active motorcycle safety instructor. His insight into the technical rules of the road gives our firm a unique perspective above and beyond our years of riding experience. With decades of experience helping injured survivors and riding motorcycles, we can skillfully handle your motorcycle accident claim.

Our Law Firm handles more motorcycle cases than any other law firm in the area. Other law firms commonly consult with us when their clients have been injured in motorcycle accidents. Our lawyers are generous with our time, and we provide each potential client with a free initial consultation. We want to hear your story, learn the details of your accident, and explain your options.

A Motorcycle Crash Can Cause Devastating Injuries

Serious injuries or death are often the unfortunate results of motorcycle accidents. Whether you have suffered a head injury, spinal cord injury, leg injury, knee injury, hand injury, shoulder injury, facial injury, burn, amputation, or severe laceration in a motorcycle accident, we are ready to help. Our motorcycle accident attorneys will handle the legal matters related to your case and help you find the resources necessary to deal with the life-altering results of a serious injury.

Put Our Experience to Work for You
Contact a motorcycle accident attorney at our Law Firm today to discuss your case. You can send us an e-mail link to contact us or call us toll-free to learn more about our services.

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