Month: October 2022

Personal Injury Law – Truck Accident Injuries

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Personal Injury Law – Truck Accident Injuries

18-Wheeler Accident Attorney – Do You Want Compensation After you are Seriously Hurt in a Trucking Accident?

Did You Know? Our Texas attorneys have won hundreds of 18-wheeler accident cases. Call us today to discuss your case.

There’s a reason a chill runs down your spine when a big-rig semi grows more prominent in your rearview mirror by the second or pulls aside you on the freeway at 75 miles an hour. Many times an 18-wheeler hits someone and causes serious injuries or even death. What happens if one hits your vehicle or someone in your family and kills them? The one thing you dare not do is take your time to decide how to respond to this tragedy because those who are responsible for hitting you are already starting to defend themselves. Thousands of 18-wheelers pass through Texas as a destination or a way station as they haul all types of goods to and from all parts of the country. So accidents, injuries, and even deaths are a statistical inevitability.

If you have been injured in an 18-wheeler accident or, worse, if a loved one was injured or killed, an 18-wheeler accident injury attorney with our Law Office can help you. For over 20 years, we have successfully negotiated compensation for our injured clients with insurance companies and successfully litigated hundreds of trucking accident cases on their behalf. We know you suffer pain through no fault of your own as a result of this negligent accident and are bearing a significant financial burden. But once you have recovered – and we hope it’s soon – your troubles might just be beginning if you did not have the presence to hire an experienced attorney. Your fight to seek fair compensation for your injuries can be just as trying as the injuries and pain caused to you by accident. Trying to get a fair settlement or litigating to secure a fair injury award without the proper legal counsel simply adds to this drama you don’t need. We feel it is essential to let you know about all legal avenues available so that you can make the right decision when hiring an attorney who will help you achieve just and fair restitution.